Bio for Eric Lunt

Eric is a seasoned technology executive with a passion for innovation and problem-solving. He has made significant contributions to various companies and projects for over three decades in the Chicago tech community.

Eric graduated from Princeton University with a B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering and a Certificate in Applied Computational Mathematics. He returned to Chicago to start his career in consulting, helping to lead an application architecture team in Accenture's next generation technology group known as "Project Eagle". Then, when the web started happening, he left with some co-workers to start a web consulting company called Burning Door. That's all it took for him to say goodbye to the corporate world and to get hooked on start-ups.

After Burning Door, Eric served as lead technical architect at Digital Knowledge Assets (creators of the collaborative personal publishing software “sceneServer”), and then he co-founded and served at CTO at, a real-time web-based alerting application (recognized as one of the "50 Most Incredibly Useful Sites" list in the July 2000 issue of Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine!) that was acquired by 724 Solutions in 2000.

That founding team (Dick Costolo, Eric Lunt, Steve Olechowski, and Matt Shobe) went on to create FeedBurner, a company that helped web-based publishers distribute their content via "feeds". Google acquired FeedBurner in 2007, recognizing its value in the digital landscape. Eric remained at Google in a senior technology role for two years.

Eric went on to be a co-founder and CTO of Signal (originally BrightTag), helping to define the market of "tag management" and multi-channel people-based marketing. Later, Eric served as a Director of Engineering at VSCO, helping to launch and build an engineering office in Chicago.

Eric is currently an advisor to a number of tech companies, helping to coach and mentor tech leaders as they grow and scale their engineering organizations and practices. He lives in Barrington, IL with his wife, Christine, and three kids Jessica, Maya, and Trevor.


I've been in the Chicago tech scene for a while...


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